ArenaPlus: Collin Sexton’s Explosive Scoring


Unparalleled Scoring Ability

Collin Sexton has become known for his explosive scoring abilities. Averaging around 24 points per game during the 2020-2021 NBA season, he impresses with his ability to score from various locations on the court.

  • Consistent shooting percentage in the high 40s
  • Effective both at driving to the basket and shooting from mid-range
  • Adept at making three-pointers, averaging over 37%
  • Strong free-throw shooter, hitting over 80%

Remarkable Efficiency

Sexton's efficiency is another facet that stands out. His statistics reflect his high-impact play style:

  • Field Goal Percentage (FG%): Close to 47%
  • Three-Point Percentage (3P%): Maintains an average around 38%
  • Free-Throw Percentage (FT%): Consistently over 83%

Game-Changing Moments

Sexton continuously delivers game-changing performances, making him a vital player for his team:

  • Scored 42 points in a game against the Brooklyn Nets
  • Had multiple games with over 30 points, underscoring his scoring consistency
  • Became a reliable go-to player in clutch moments

Leadership and Resilience

Apart from his scoring, Sexton leads with energy and resilience:

  • Demonstrates relentless driving and scoring ability
  • Acts as an inspirational figure on and off the court
  • Maintains a positive and determined attitude

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